Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

Its been cold and wet and even a thunder storm, and still a very enjoyable day.
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Extended Family

Apologies for the pics, our newest family members haven't posed well.
We have a short term home for them, water and food containers ( and food), so looking forward to settling them in when we return to Devon. these ladies are point of lay hens, and one is already laying- very happy us.
Our friend Matt of Lower Shaw Farm has been advising us, and has given the children their first hens, which the girls were able to choose. We are all very excited about it all.
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Move House, Go On Holiday.

To our favourite farm. We have very happy big and small people.
There are eggs about to hatch, baby lambs to bottle feed, and big sheep and pigs to feed and help move.
The children and I were WWOOFing at the weekend, while dh ran a weekend course spoon carving, and we are all WWOOFing this week. Though there seems to be quite a bit of playing happening as well. We all helped by joining in the health walk, and I had the huge pleasure of joining in a Pilate's class in the Hayloft.

We are learning as much as possible about chickens from the resident expert- we hope to get started with our own ASAP!
but its time to move the sheep before breakfast.....

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Saying Goodbye

I suspect quite a few of our friends and family are feeling a bit unloved at the moment. We said we were moving, disappeared in a whirl of packing and unpacking and decorating and working, and never got around to saying goodbye.
We don't mean it that way at all. The very few goodbyes we have said have been horribly hard. We have rather selfishly been grateful of the distraction of all the work we had to do (and completely underestimating the time required when a toddler is around) so we haven't had time to think about what and who we are leaving behind. We are sad we can't ship all the nice folk with us. But we noticed how much warmer the wind was this morning.
We would like to remind you lot that we are in a lovely place for holidays :-)
and we hope you can drop by sometime.

a walk

Rainbow and I went for a little walk, off the farm for once. we just walked on the lane a hit, and its amazing that this is our home.
Today has had an inpromptu funeral for a decomposing fox ( complete with an entire ecosystem to see) and finding the sea.

Tomorrow has my induction day for my new job, and NOT getting a lift to work. Exciting stuff!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Devon is....

Heaven? Home?
Definitely brilliant.
We are steadily unpacking boxes. Well, ok, had a mad few days of unpacking and its now at a much slower rate.
Books- I think they may almost all be out of boxes. We have bought an extra bookcase and I think I have a bit of a thing about books. So I have a tiny box of books I might be able to part with. Maybe they could be at home in the Farmhouse....not too far away.
The children are all settling in, and its lovely to meet new friends. The weather has been fairly kind to us, with glorious sunshine and only a tiny bit of rain so far, so lots of playing out and simply stepping outside the door to see the stars at night.
But, as ever, we have much to do and must get on. And the old house to decorate next week. Ah well.

 I will try to send some photos to the blog, but limited internet and technology is rather frustrating. I think that is the downside to living here. Oh well, more time to read those books!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I've been quiet here, trying to decide what to say. I enjoy blogging, but not everyone wishes us well in our endeavours, so I've been a bit quiet trying to decide what to share, and when.
Back in November we suddenly had a great opportunity pointed out to us, so we spent some time in December seeing if we really wanted it, and since then there's been paperwork and emails back and forth trying to make it a reality.
It looks like its worked, so we are really excited to be moving soon. And frantically packing. Despite the travelling a couple years ago, we seem to have done very well in accumulating more stuff!
The move means more space for playing out ( as in acres rather than square feet), neighbours with children who we are looking forward to getting to know, a huge kitchen (!). Space for carving outside, hopefully raised beds and polytunnels for more growing, chickens and maybe more.
For work it seems a lovely department, pleasant people,nice machines (which always helps), and training opportunities I hadn't realised I wanted, and now I'm really looking forward to. The commute and the hours are longer than I'm used to, so I'm really hoping I'm up to it, but the only real stress I have about once we are there is parking the van. I can see us becoming a 2 vehicle family again.
So, big changes underway. Very exciting, and very scary to move far away from friends and family.
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Saturday, 25 January 2014

a blanket

One blanket made, sewn up and posted to Canada- it got there safely, just a week later than Royal Mail said.My sister reckons Royal Mail just don't understand Canada Post.
I had lots of help getting the blanket to lie straight for photographing- can you tell?!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

A quick sew

Princess kept Rainbow busy for a spell this afternoon, so I dusted off my machine and took in the side seams and darts on some of my new work uniforms.
I struggle with getting tops to fit me- if it fits my chest its big everywhere else. Thankfully many normal clothes are stretchy, but my uniform isn't, and this size was best fit for chest and being able to lift my arms up comfortably.
The darts are in the wrong place, but my expertise ( and time) didn't allow for taking out the originals and putting them in the right place to fit me.
It is a little less sack like though.

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas starting

Mince pies!
I normally take some to work, we are sharing with friends tomorrow and, despite the flour and sugar involved, we might have a couple as well.
Having one gluten free child and grandma means we will experiment with pastry, but the nicest gf pastry has nuts in, which rules out another child. Plus, Flower has been absolutely thriving on sugar/sweetener free, grain free- basically meat and veg and homemade soups, casseroles and stirfrys.
Being away this last week was tough, and it was very noticable that we weren't sticking to the diet. Flower gets really emotional and struggles with transitions, noise, tiredness, you name it. We started off doing the GAPS intro diet, but we are definately more GAPS inspired than actually strictly sticking to it.

I'm not quite ready to share our plans for the future out here. We have a definate idea of moving, and where exactly we want to be ( lovely neighbours and a house and garden so utterly exceeding my wish list I think I must be dreaming) but I'm waiting to hear about the work side of things. None of it can happen without the job, and the waiting to hear will be a long slow process, especially with Christmas and New I'm trying very hard to put it out of my head. While also wondering about getting moving quotes.Sigh.

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Busy busy

We have been away for a few days, finding new possibilities and opportunities. We have some really difficult decisions to make ( I hope, I think) and we've also had some fun. We had a day at morwellham quay yesterday, which was used as the set for one of the girls favourite programmes ' Edwardian Farm'.

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Thursday, 5 December 2013


Ive been busy with a few different things, work possibilities that are still up in the air, but for now here's some makings.
Flower filled the jars for these cookie mixes, and made lip balm. Princess made some moisturiser bars, and has so many plans I'm very curious to see what happens, but for now shes finished a scarf for herself. Ah, but can't upload the photos. Typical.
The crochet squares will be a blanket, but too late for this Christmas. Hopefully a January present, but I'll have to keep very busy!
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Poorly day

Princess went back to bed today, she was feeling that poorly.
She didn't even want to go out with the friend who comes to play Tuesdays ( Flower got her all to herself and had a great day, lucky thing!).
But she did perk up and play with her electronic kit. Wow, did she have fun. For hours!
This is her coming up with a light circuit with a dimmer.
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Thursday, 24 October 2013

A couple of pics

The swimsuit -come- dress. I'm quite happy with this- I've not done anything with two slippy fabrics before, and most importantly Flower is very happy and wearing it lots. The skirt fabric came in a big bundle of freecycled materials, and I suspect the swimsuit is from when she was 2-3.
Princess is pretty handy with a sling, even with a great big extra long five year old!

A few days

Feeding the animals at Cannon Hall Farm,
Riding lesson,playing in the park are the pics today. There were more but updating by email has limits apparently.
Princess has continued to carve her elves, and keeping going with unprompted reading. She is very selective in what she chooses to read, and we are enjoying her independence.
Flower is enjoying having a selective diet- she's gluten free and doing really well with it. She's really happy with her own Flower-size sweeping brush ( full size cut down to suit her), and swept up loads of leaves outside, and helping inside as well. She's after her own wheelbarrow, but that will probably wait until spring, when we know how tall she is then!
Both girls are attached to old swimming costumes, with Flowers from when she was about 2-3, really far too small. I finally managed to snip off the bottom, add a silky skirt and turn it into a dress. That photo will have to wait for another day though.
Carving- well, that's what dh and Princess do, but dh is a bit busy drystone walling for the next few months- he has a boundary wall to move, when he gets chance.
We have a spindle, and a very large amount of alpaca fleece turned up just at the right moment, so spinning will be another craft to fit in.
Some of the alpaca has found itself needle felted, but that's another one that'll wait for another day.
Time just flies at the moment. I barely have chance to breathe, so this blog seems to be a bit of a photo diary just to remind me of the gist of what we have been up to.
A few people we see occasionally are much less accepting of home Ed, and like others, my mind goes blank when put on the spot. Maybe I could say look at the blog for some things we do, rather than the ' whatever takes our fancy' general answer.
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Baking for two

Princess has been nut free for years, but we are also trying a fortnight of wheat free to see if that helps Flower ( I'm not that hopeful- I suspect it'll be yeast and sugar she needs to cut out, but 1 step at a time).
Anyway, that meant we needed two baking sessions today, and I had to invent a rice flour biscuit recipe. I hate inventing recipes, it usually is spectacularly aweful, but thankfully, this time it worked.
Cinnamon gingerbread men made with wheat, and vanilla rice flour biscuits made with almonds.
Recent days have had the fire lit purely for toasting marshmallows, and I've managed to block some squares of a blanket I'm working on. I rarely block anything, but it is satisfying to see it making such a difference from raggedy square-ish shapes changing to very regular building blocks for a blanket.
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Sunday, 13 October 2013

This week Eureka had some workshops for HE kids. We tried out two. One was, well, rather limited in format ( ask questions and write them down in a time limit) but princess enjoyed the novelty of it. The other had a lot of info about fictional robots, with some real ones as well, and most importantly chance to get hands on with one robot and lots of remote controlled cars.The star centre at Keighley sounds worthy of further investigations.

We've had cold germs this week. Yesterday was my turn to be pathetic, so I wasn't much help when Flower decided to make lots of jigsaws, and the girls made chunky fish fingers without any help from me until the cooking :-)
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